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                 Wide format printer always needs high precision black painted or Teflon coated steel rollers, EPDM or Urethane rubber rollers and aluminum rolls. As professional precise roller supplier, we are able to supply steel roller, rubber roller and aluminum rolls for Hewlett-Packard both KAA(Singapore project)and Scitex(Israel project) , and also supply various printer rollers for EFI (USA). Large digital printer roller's requirement as reference:Roller length: 3,000 - 6,000mm Roller diameter: 76 - 230mmCylindricity: 0.05-0.10Roller coating: wet paint, Teflon coating or zinc plating for steel roller, EPDM or PU for rubber roller and anodizing for aluminum rolls.

 Tissue convert machinery needs lots of different rollers such as aluminum rolls, precise machined front and back folding rollers, spiral knife roller and Tungsten Carbide coated steel roller etc.Roller length: 2,500 - 4,000mm, Roller diameter: 76 - 310mm, Cylindricity: 0.05, Roller coating: Tungsten Carbide or electroless nickel plating for steel rollers, EPDM or NBR for rubber roller and anodizing for aluminum rolls. In fact, the rollers are used in all material handling systems or conveyors and we can also supply much more than the rollers shown here. For example, we could produce the steel rollers, silicon rollers, PU rollers for glass conveyor, magnetic separatorcoater…Our advantages,1) Capacity6,000mm length produced in house 12,000mm length by outsourcingWe have not only own rollers production workshop but also a qualified supply chain.2) ISO9001:2015 certificated and full cooperation experience with exclusive clientele. 3)Extended supply scope including roller assembly, welding and frames,machine assembly service etc.

RPA is a leading company in the filter of sodium carbonate, and we supply them the high precision stainless steel rollers made out of material 316L, duplex stainless steel 2205 or super anstenitic stainless steel 904L.The welding inspection and pickling & passivation treatment is a must for the stainless steel rollers.The production line also need large size SBR rubber driven pulley and tail pulley at diameter 1,200mm and length between 3,500 – 5,800mm.

                We supply custom conveyor rollers for logistics chain & belt conveyor such as airport baggage handling system, parcel handling system, automation solutions for warehouses or any other web handling equipment. Here is a few samples shown for leading logistics equipment company Vanderlande.Our workshop equipped CNC lathes, CNC grinding machine (up to 6,000mm length), dynamic balancing machines etc.